The Writer’s Mind: Reflections on Craft and Self

During the semester we discussed different topics and completed a variety of projects.  I found each assignment to be helpful towards me because it would be things I’d use out in the world like a Resume / Cover letter. I also found some to be difficult and others easy along the way but with the help of Mr. B I was able to push through and get it done. 

For our first assignment I had to create a professional Resume and Cover Letter. Though I already had one it wasn’t the best, so I decided to just delete it and start a new one.  Through the use of technology I found outlines of what makes a resume visually appealing. Mr. B also provided us with key words to use for the Skills and Qualities section. It’d make the assignment more easier because he already provided resources for me. Since I already had a reference for my resume I just had to add more to it and make it look better. As for the cover letter it wasn’t too difficult to write it but you have to write it a certain way. Which meant you’d have to follow the outline to make it more professional and appealing to the job you’re applying to. Overall , the assignment itself wasn’t too difficult and is very useful outside of class. 

Another assignment I had to work on was a Lab Report. When working on the lab report I found the assignment to be very familiar. I’ve already done lab reports plenty in the past, so I had an idea of how to go about it. Though when seeing the lab I had to conduct I knew I wasn’t able to roll a dice 100 times and collect data at the same time. I knew it would be time consuming, so I found a website that would generate the information for me and it’d be easier to collect the data. While doing my analysis I found it to be troublesome because I didn’t physically do the lab. Which makes it harder to analyze something that was done in a few seconds.  Moving forward I was able to get it done and I had the outline set, but I knew the way it was written should have been better. 

The Group Proposal assignment conducted by me and my group wasn’t the worst but not the greatest. Through our collaboration we each had a part in the assignment , but I had the most important part which was the floor plan. I found it hard because I didn’t know how I wanted to draw it out or use pictures as references, but after looking at our groups I could have done more reading on how to make a more professional floor plan. As we worked on each of our parts we still discussed what we wanted for our student center , so we’d all be on the same page while working on the project. I saw that our presentation lacked visuals because it didn’t seem like we put in the work though I believe we did , but we needed to make it nice both ways for the audience. Our paper itself was strong, but we should have divided the workload differently so that we can work off of each other’s strengths and not just give ourselves a part. I saw that we had citations but we could’ve included more to make our writing stronger and credible. Throughout this assignment we struggled to get it done , but after putting the pieces together and editing it the assignment went well. 

For my final assignment the Technical Description I found to be interesting because I got to choose my own topic. When choosing the Apple Vision Pro I found the research aspect to be easy since it’s a current product. When researching not only did I find information I knew but even more interesting things about it. Although life happens and my presentation came about online it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Although through the synthesis from each assignment I’ve done in the semester I was able to take key ideas and put it on slides. I used the resources and ideas I used before on this same assignment and it made it easier to present it to the audience. I liked how unique it was because I got to choose it and the result of it was good in my eyes. 

In conclusion, this semester taught me a lot about my writing and what I can do to improve. As well as a speaker because part of writing something is to know what you’re saying to the audience and knowing how to present it. Apart from doing these assignments I do believe many ideas of it will be of use not only in my writing but out in the world.

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