Introducing You

Hello, my name is Alexander Aquino, but I go by alex and my pronouns are he/him. I’m Mexican from both my mom and dad, and I speak Spanish mostly at home. Although I did learn a bit of Mandarin and Japanese, but I forgot most of it because I barely practice. I’m going to major in Compuer Science here at CCNY. I grew fond of the subject through my very first computer science class in my junior year. Aside from this I’m into biking. I’ve recently started that hobby and cycled through the Brooklyn Bridge, Battery and Central Park, and just around the city. I’m also into gaming mostly Call of Duty and a bit of Fortnite but I don’t play as much as before because these little kids are actually getting better than me. I’ve recently started to get into photography ( I actually don’t take pictures ) but I like the idea of it, so maybe I’ll get into it. Apart from this writing has been one of my strong suits because I actually enjoy it. I think that I’m a pretty good writer when it comes to analysis and finding resources, but I sometimes struggle with grammar and organization. As for reading, I don’t like it. I try to read but it’s just not my thing because I like to get to the point and not have to keep reading. Although I do enjoy reading poems and seeing the deep meanings behind it. I really enjoy reading Eddgar Allan Poe because I like his style of writing and how he uses dark and mysterious themes. Though my lifestyle sounds pretty basic, at least I have a double ‘a’ as my initials, just like the batteries. 

Me at my prom last year, but I never drove this motorcycle nor do I know how to.